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Using Worx Digital SWMS in the app

Signing into Site & Access Site Information

Navigating your Worker Profile

Here are the different parts to your worker profile: Have a great day!

Induction & Training Requirements

Amend or upload new document

If you have received a notification that one or more of your documents are out of date, here is how to update with your new document: Have a great day!

How to Reset your Password

Forgot your password? Here is the process to get it reset: Have a great day!

Downloading the Worx App

How to get the app from the app store. Note, this app is available on both Android (Google Play Store) and iPhone (App Store). Have a great day!

Digital SWMS set up

Steps on setting up a digital SWMS in your Worx portal: Have a great day!

Creating a Worker Account

Info on how to create a new worker account: Have a great day!

Completing Digital Forms

How to fill out a digital form using Worx Inductions: Have a great day!

Asset Register Pre-Start Process

Here is how to complete a pre-start check on an asset: Have a great day!

Create your Employee account

This is the first thing you need to do when setting up a new account. To set up your account, you will have received an email with a link to get started. If you have not, please contact the Host company representative to confirm it has been sent. Click the link then follow the steps. For this process, you will need the following information and will need to upload copies of each: - A photo of yourself - Your drivers license - Your WHS White card - Contractor / Trade license ...

Navigating the Worker Profile

Watch the video below for a summary of the Worx Inductions employee portal. As always, any issues, you can submit a support ticket, or contact us on live chat. Have a great day!

Installing the Worx Inductions App

Watch the video below for a summary of how to install the Worx app from the app store. As always, any issues, you can submit a support ticket, or contact us on live chat. Have a great day!

Upload a New Document

Sometimes a client will require you to add an additional document on top of the mandatory insurance and license files. This is simple to do. Follow the steps below, or watch the video summary at the bottom of this article. - 1. Log in to the system and navigate to the 'Overview' page. - Hit the 'Documents' tab - Hit the 'Upload New Document' button at the top - Give the new document a name - something easy to understand such as "SWMS Template" or "Drivers License" - Click the "S...

Issues with Entering Password on iPhones (during account set up)

We have come across a couple of cases where iPhone users are unable to choose a password when signing up a new account. The cursor will not show up in the password field. This has to do with some apple security settings as part of a recent update. More information can be found here: ( SOLUTION: The way to fix this is to switch to Private in Safari, and then reopen the link: https://support....

Complete a New Induction

This is the main reason you are here! Once you have your account set up (see previous articles if you need help with this), you can complete an induction as follows: - From your dashboard, click on the 'Inductions' tab. There should be an induction listed for you to complete. If there is nothing there, you need to speak with the client admin to make sure they have added you to the induction. - On the induction you need to complete, hit the 'Enroll' button on the right. - Click on ...